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Take advantage of the self-adjusting docks, workspace presets for specialized tasks.
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Photo Gallery

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July 17th 2004 Club opening ceremony
Chad and Olga Red Square
Frank at Presentation with C.Anthony Williams and Karabanov
Club security team with Sarah Ferguson
XIII forum "Security and safety technologies"
Training & practice
KGB 9th Dept. veterans honorary club members
Club members past times
Alexander Sasha and Frank
UAE crystal medal Abu Dhabi 2003
Club job in Saint Petersburg
Club members protective drills
Test event in Armenia
SQB test event Saint Petersburg
Test event in Barnaul
Ordinary club day
TOP 9 club shooting Tula
Counter sniper drills Finland 2006
Security professional award President Hotel Moscow 2005
Mirage 1200 "Sniperscope" techtest
Advance patrol job Moscow 2007
Saint Petersburg night job
Frank with Dima and Alexey in Odessa
Club on duty. Pamela Anderson Moscow 2007
History channel and GS crew
Alex Fonareff (NAST HQ) C Anthony Williams (USA) Frank Whip (GS President
Club on duty. Memorial day. Saint -Petersburg
Club conference Odessa Sept.2007
Frank at Presentation
Club brain storming
Club main forces
Club President and Secretary ( Aleksander Fonareff)
"Russia Today" TV interview Jan.2008
GS Ekaterinburg club awards
GS Club Ekaterinburg. Memory wall
Franks Speach in Odessa
Gary Odessa Conference
Nast at Forum
Chad Speach
Demonstrating equipment to American colleague
Greyshadows 5th Birthday
5th birthday Greyshadows
Greyshadow 5th birthday
Speach 5th Birthday
Oleg speach 5th birthday
Mark Bond Northstar Corporate finance one of our sponsors
Bob Mulligan BSN Real another Sponsor
%th Birthday chess tournament
5th birthday
Global Standard
2009 Dima at work
NAST 2009
2009 Bob Mulligan Speech
Dima deep in thought
Frank Speech
Frank on Stand
Greyshadow meeting April 2009
Three stoogies
Dima and Frank discussing recent events
Dima and Frank with Stan Williams
Old friends meeting
Oleg At work
Franks Family
Nast History
test event
Frank & Bob watching audit
Participants may 2012
Signing MOU in China
Dimitris and Frank
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