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Take advantage of the self-adjusting docks, workspace presets for specialized tasks.
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Russia has plenty of mailboxes and post offices, but they're only useful for letters that don't need to arrive within a month and wouldn't be missed if they never arrived. If you need to send anything else, you're better off using an international or national delivery service. If you need to send a simple letter of correspondence the safest method of all would be an email. There are a number of Business Centers and Internet Café's available in Moscow (especially in the centre).

For important letters it's best to use a private express mail service (or Internet). If you're just sending postcards, they'll probably make it if you drop them off at a large post office. Mailboxes on the street are less reliable.

Post Offices:

Main Post Office
(Glavpochtamt)26/2 Myasnitskaya Ul.
Metro: Chistye Prudy

International Post Office
37 Varshavskoe Shosse
Metro: Nagatinskaya

Central Telegraph
7 Tverskaya Ul.
Metro: Okhotnyy Ryad
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