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Local Traditions
Like many other people Russians are famous for their own peculiar customs and traditions which have been followed through the centuries.

It's common with Russians:
to wake up early in the morning and to go to bed late at night

when visiting somebody, Russians always carry a kind of souvenir or a bottle of light

wine, or a box of chocolates. A hostess should be given flowers and children - sweets or toys

it's a custom with Russians to treat guests to Shchi (vegetable soup); bliny (pancakes)

with butter or caviar; meat and mushrooms; potatoes (chips or mashed potatoes); salted fish, vodka and pickled cucumbers

only an odd number of flowers can be presented (even numbers are given at funerals etc)

it's usual to let women, older people and children sit in public transport

is considered bad luck to shake hands with someone "in" the entrance of a doorway

empty bottles should not be placed back on a table

whistling in a home is considered bad luck
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