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B Charities

The Nastenka Charitable Fund was set up in 2002 to offer support to children suffering from cancer. Closely associated with the pediatric cancer hospital located on Kashirskaya in Moscow, Nastenka helps relieve the suffering of children from all over Russia and the CIS.

Sick children are referred to the hospital for life-saving treatment.


Unfortunately, state funds mean that essential equipment, drugs and disposables are only available to those who have a parent who can pay. Nastenka works with the head of the pediatric oncology department to identify and help critical needs.

The children travel to the hospital with a parent, usually their mothers. Their stay in the hospital may be for 8 months or longer. During this stressful time, the mothers are unable to work. The state provides an allowance of about $15 per month. Nastenka offers mothers financial support to cover travel and basic living expenses during their child's treatment.
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