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Take advantage of the self-adjusting docks, workspace presets for specialized tasks.
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BSN-Real Ltd Moscow specialises in leasing Commercial Office and Leasing Retail premises and leasing warehouse space in both Moscow and Moscow Region. BSN-Real also offers Land Search and Land Sales services for warehousing, logistics and industrial facilities.
The Company offers real estate leasing and purchase / sale solutions to its clients through excellence of service and by focusing its scope of activity on a number of market segments in order to optimise timely results:




    Northstar Corporate Finance is a boutique investment banking firm located in Moscow , Russia assisting companies in raising private equity, advising on mergers & acquisitions (buy and sell-side assignments), cross-border transactions, project finance, restructurings, and IPO’s.

Our International relationships and experience coupled with our unique understanding of the local economy, various industries and local political structures help us consistently deliver high quality effective advice and service to our clients time and again.

Our team, with professionals from various industrial backgrounds and various countries, advises and assists clients across a number of industry and product groups: Industrial, Consumer Goods, Transport and Logistics, Natural Resources, Health Care, Financial Services, Real Estate, Technology, Media and Telecommunications. In each of these areas, we provide a range of services designed to meet the specific needs of our clients - including financing, mergers and acquisitions and other investment banking services

The book attempts to reflect inherent in human nature psycho-physical capacity for the development and utilization of advanced information technologies for learning, and other information of interest to its non-traditional way. Examples of the information received on the universe, the purpose of rights and its role and place in society, the origin and significance of religion in people's lives, the existence of mechanisms of social systems and development of the moral foundations of human relations, on the economy, on politics and other issues.

There are also examples of modern computer simulation of virtual dialogues known in the world of political figurant established on the basis of information received from these individuals on the basis of distance by using special psycho-technique.

For information obtained in this way can be treated differently, but people interested in it will necessarily those nuggets of knowledge that will help him correctly reflect developments in the world processes, as ideology only given to those who are interested in this.

The authors of the book are former employees of the special services of Russia, previously occupied by phenomenological problems.



protective Services Arizona USA

Many firms offer investigative services, but no firm can offer the consistent results that Orion can. Our experienced, ethical investigation specialists will leave no avenue unexplored to get you the answers you need and get them fast.

Site security - modern solutions

Having military and security engineers as our members, Club is able to present a modern conception
for site security which unites modern equipment, tactic and technique.
All devices are dully tested and certified.

Close Protection tool "Leader"

Made in Russia,"Leader" is a hidden micro-cameras detector.
Licensed as "no-double purpose" devices. Carrying bag and instruction are available.
Available for sale from June 2007.
Target price - Euro 2 500.

Send your enquires via "Contact us" page.
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Universal Close Protection tool "Eraser"

Made in Russia,"Eraser" is an optic devices detector in range up to 400 meters ( working angle 14 degrees) with a powerful "blinder" flash light.
It also detects hidden micro-cameras and has a few useful additional functions.
Licensed as "no-double purpose" devices. Carrying bag and instruction is available.
Available for sale from June 2007.
Target price - Euro 3 700.





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