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About Us

The GreyShadow Club was established on June 17th 2004 and is run by a group of people that are not just experienced in Security, but in a wide range of businesses like Journalism, Advertising, Internet, Engineering and other areas. Club is completely supported by NAST Russia. We hold meetings in Moscow on the last Tuesday of every month at HotDog, Zemlianoy Val 26 ( metro "Kurskaya" )((13.00-17.00) and you are welcome to visit us at any time between these hours. If you are unable to make it to the meeting and have a question,contact us freely. Upcoming 2008 club days are on February 29th.*** March 25th*** April 29th*** May 27th*** June 24th*** July 29th*** August 26th*** September 30th*** October 28th*** November 25th*** December 30th***

The GreyShadow's Honourary Chairman Dmitry N.Fonareff is the Clubs Security expert and is also President of the National Bodyguard Association (NAST) Russia
which was established in 1995. Dmitry has a considerable history in this field and is a former senior officer of the elite Soviet Devyatka, the ninth unit of the KGB that was responsible for protecting government officials and visiting foreign politicians and

 FrankFrank Whip, the GS International President, has spent many years in Russia and has a wide range of experience in many areas (and in many different countries). It was Frank who conceived the idea of forming the GreyShadow Club and spends a great deal of time in promoting its growth through international contacts

I've had the pleasure of working with Frank and I find him to be detail oriented, and professional. Frank has and continues to work to preserve and enhance professional standard in our industry.” June 16, 2010
C.A. Williams , President / Founder , Orion International Group, llc 
worked directly with Frank at Greyshadows

Frank is a sharp and proficient business man. He appears to have acquired countless international business contacts and has personally introduced me to several colleagues of his in Eastern Europe. These introductions have proven to be very beneficial. He has proven himself diligent and dependable on all matters of business and friendship. He is professional, to the point and can certainly make you feel at ease with his Scottish hospitality.”

Chadwick Shepherd, Owner, Celeres Group

“While in my banking position,Frank provided some outstanding advice on security, which lead to safety and savings. Frank has partners in russia who can be trusted, and know their business.” August 29, 2008

Len Nebons, vice chairman, converse bank/group
worked with Frank at Greyshadows


“Frank is a relationship management expert and deep insights into the security market in Russia.” June 3, 2009

Gary  CEO, Fowler International
was with another company when working with Frank at Greyshadows



Other members of the team include Oleg Litavrin, General Manager of The Grey Lounge (a former Bodyguard and Engineering Graduate) . There are of course many others who play an important part in the Clubs growth (like Vladimir Boutirev in charge of PR) and we hope to include them all as soon as possible.

New team members are Alexander Fonareff  Club secretary

XII congress of IBSSA
Speech of the President of National Bodyguard Association (NAST)
of Russia
 “Executive Protection Global Standard” – ideas & reality.
                          ä Patent Pending
Dear colleagues,
        On behalf of NAST Russia let me express deep respect and congratulations to hosts, organizers and guests of this significant professional world of the executive protection and security service event. It is symbolic, that IBSSA and NAST, two professional families were established at the same time and on the same professional principles; today we have a unique possibility to discuss no more, no less than the future of the global executive protection market.
       Nowadays the professional world follows global realities and tendencies; otherwise it is not a professional world. There are a lot of people in the world, who understand that, and set their efforts not only to follow the world market developing, but also to be on the top of that.   Commonwealth calls them leaders. Leadership based on creativity and professionalism. Ideas are a mental fuel for the future especially in the security world where we are in charge for other persons comfort, health and life.
        To make a long story short, I would like to present to your attention a subject of mutual interests – “Executive Protection Global Standard”the idea, and the ways of its implementation. Few years ago this idea had been discussed with Dr. Konstantin Buzatu in Moscow and later in Chishinau, in frames of the international Executive Protection test event, where the Romanian team took part and showed impressive results. This project started in Russia ten years ago and had been approved by practice. In February 2008 certain steps were discussed in detail with retired US Secret Service personnel in Moscow at XIII international forum «Security and Safety technologies». After a great deal of deliberation complete understanding was achieved, and idea was turned into real actions. Basic principles and forms are already coordinated and done.
During these discussions at the Feb. 2008 XIII International Forum Dima and I concluded that conformity in the area of personal security is essential.  Due to both of our qualifications of work within the top protective security agencies in the world we want to underline the importance of developing a "Global Standard" among our fellow security colleagues.  Our experiences bring some of the foremost expertise in protection of some of the most powerful people in the world to include numerous world leaders and high profile individuals.  Each of our former agencies provided not only the best protection available, but was able to do so consistently from one continent to another without much deviation from standard protocols.  In order to achieve a standard on par with the agencies we were associated with it becomes essential that  global development and universality of a specific level be implement to begin this task of cooperation among us professionals.  If we are to reach a level of professionalism that lends itself to trust and understanding of our peers we must first start with consistence and uniformity among our training and hiring standards.  – Chadwick Shepherd, USSS (Ret.)
Standard description.
       Executive Protection Standard is based on initial recruitment for bodyguards and executive protection staff. In most products and service markets there are quality and corporative activity standards written and generally accepted. Staff must be qualified, service must be certified. In executive protection world those things are crucial. We need to work with reliable people to be sure they are trained to react properly in ultimate situations and initial understanding of their place and role is completely adequate to reality.
      All of us know how the world security market is working. Ideas drive the market, advertising just promote effective ideas. So there comes a time to insert a brand new idea into existed professional relations.
       Everybody can declare his or her own or company advantages and professionalism. But to say is not to have. If one has approved certificate of knowledge organisation we have a possibility to understand what level of integrity this person or company declare. Thus works for example, Quality Management system standard ISO – 9001. If we trust standard holder organisation, we have a reason to trust certificate holder.
        Executive Protection standard involves quality of individual professional skills. For example NAST Academy training system based on fifteen professional skills. Basic list of those skills for global standard could be described like six of them:
·        Planning and preparation skills
·        Actual work routine
·        Shooting
·        Close Quarter Battle
·        Paramedicine
·        Security driving
       Every item in this list is composite, and units accordingly the set of well known basic practices. Each practice requires perfection in implementation.
To match above mentioned skills on the market, proper person must confirm his or her own ability to be paid for the potential job. This process in Russia we called qualification, and practically, in the professional society it is certification. To match first two items candidate must pass theoretical tests. To pass the rest of skills one must do practical drills and exercises.
       In general, all descriptions and elements of tests, examinations and practical exercises are in existence. Also the test process routine itself is determined.
EPGS market strategy.
It is very easy to set any standard, but main problem is to maintain it, to satisfy all interests were laid between the lines in the very beginning. To make it work there must be real and reliable network with sufficient professional and advertising resources. First step is to get an agreement between standard founders or holders with standard settings and qualification test routine and requirements. Second step is standard idea and advantage promotion as wide as possible. Primary target auditorium is the clients; already have personal security for full time and the others, who potentially need them for the part time job. Secondary target auditorium is security companies and bodyguards themselves.
        Main slogan for this process is - «The best use the best». Who will stay apart of it – will stay in the past and practically have no chances for the future development. Idea, multiplied by energy and proper calculation, will give result accordingly to internal potential of the Standard holders and supporters. In professional team everybody is doing his own part of task, and must do it as effective as possible. Otherwise it is simply declaration of amateurs.
         Let me express my own feeling about perspectives. If the IBSS and NAST families unite their potential and possibilities, this idea will work perfectly worldwide.
Additional material- NAST Russia Test event limited description
EPGS professional test event
Aims & Tasks
1.1. The purpose of carrying out of the EPGS test event is professional examination of domestic, regional; international both private and state close protection groups and individuals. EPGS test event steps as basic process of becoming of the professional approach to maintenance of personal safety in the world. Definition of the best teams and experts for representation of top essential school of bodyguards in the professional international market. Reception of actual results for perfection of programs, techniques and forms of trainings of bodyguards, for use in educational processes of Academy the EPGS.
1.2 Creation of a basis of a professional international network of close protection specialists, experts, advisors and managers.
1.3. A practical exchange of experience between close protection experts and specialists and achievement of objective estimations of professional skills as team-participants, and separate individuals by results of competitions for strengthening international cooperation of the EPGS branches establishing and development of the professional code of moral and ethic.
1.4. Development of professional standards for qualifying process in the international market for multipurpose. Development of regional networks the EPGS branches. Preparation, training and qualifying of experts and instructors (the judges of competitions) of the EPGS Academy for work in theoretical and training areas of process of maintenance of any person personal safety worldwide.
1.5 Creation of a basis of a professional international network of bodyguards and executive protection personnel under EPGS «Delta» network brand name.
1.6 Fastening and development of positive image of professional culture of bodyguards in worldwide mass-media.
1.7 Promotion EPGS test event in the market of services on training and qualifying of employees of bodyguard as truly professional structure using the newest techniques, the given and profile world achievements, and also modern material base in dense cooperation with leaders of technological innovations in the field of a safety.
1.7 Statement the EPGS brand as dominator of the ultimate modern professional close protection approach worldwide.
1.8 Maintenance and development of the EPGS international close protection shooting standard «ТОР 9» as examination tool.
1.9 Maintenance of the EPGS standard of extreme medicine for the bodyguards rendering the first medical aid «3x5x3» as examination tool.
1.10 Maintenance and perfection of the EPGS IED/ESD search sweep standard «20» as examination tool.
1.11 Maintenance of the EPGS on protective driving «500 X 9» as examination tool
1.12 Developing EPGS CQB standards.
Test event stages.
Executive Protection Group of 4 +1(team manager - for managing and substitution abilities) run through 6 skills stages. This is so called "classic" scheme.
Tactic stage
First stage. Pre - determined route (exit - embussing - driving - de bussing - enter) three-four kind of attack imitation - armed, bomb, VIP “tricks”, broken or attacked car, etc. EP Group must act as they are on duties.
Referees - team managers (but not a team manager of action team). They have 10 points system. All mistakes are discussed in advance and every mistake has its own value.
Rules are similar to figure skating. Top and bottom points are eliminated and the sum of rest is divided to the whole quantity. "Georgian rule".
Close Quarter Battle stage
Team has to demonstrate their ability (by individual and also in group escort) to combat armed and unarmed combat.
There are four attempts. Every team member demonstrates his skills, and then two from team do the same.
Attackers are from the same team to avoid traumas. Tasks are given by referees. Teams do not know what kind of attack will occur. Initial distance is 3-5 meters.
We have developed with our experts a specific system for the protection of a client based on a well known martial art
IED/ESD search/sweep stage
Car and room. Time limit is 20 minutes.
EP Group must not only to find bombs, bugs and suspicious things, but also give a conclusion if the object is "clear" for VIP.
Driving stage
Driving route from 500 to 700 meters. 1/3 of the distance driver has to move backward. 9 -11 test points – special conditions (turns, winding road, tight parking place, precise stop point, etc).
Paramedicine stage
Trauma management – casualty transportation no less than 400 meters – ABC (dummy test). In control list there are no less than 40 mistakes. Every mistake cost seconds.
Shooting stage
Last stage. Two exercises. International bodyguard shooting standard "TOP 9" and "Duel" exercise.
Every event maximum points are 600.
All results are fixed “black on white” in protocols that give
The winner team is the one, which get more POINTS not PLACES. It is very important in such a kind of tests. They have a chance till the end of event to get a best result.
We avoid naming this event COMPETITION - we are not sportsmen!
Contact Details

Dear visitor, we would like to propose to you the opportunity of becomming a real part of the new form of business cooperation. The NAST Russia is ultimately involved into Executive Protection business from the West to the East of Russia. All our members of the NAST Board (75 persons) are GS Club members. They are located in 23 main regions of Russia : Kaliningrad (Baltic) Velikiy Novgorod ( North - West) Murmansk (North) Saint-Petersburg (North-West) Moscow Kaluga (Moscow region) Tula (Moscow region) Voronej ( Center Russia) Belgorod (West) Nijniy Novgorod (Volga river) Volgograd (Volga river) Samara (Volga river) Ekaterinburg (Ural) Tumen (Ural-Siberia) Naberejnye Tchelny (Tatarstan) Penza (Central Russia) Novosibirsk ( Siberia) Barnaul (Altay) Krasnoyarsk (Siberia) Vladivostok (Pacific coast) Komsomolsk - na -Amure (Pacific coast) Nakhodka (Pacific coast) Artem (Pacific coast) Ussurijsk (Pacific coast) On the map it forms a perfect network. Some of our members are the owners of private security companies, some of them are personal EP managers for top regional businessmen, some of them are top managers in security industry companies. Due to the security courses run by The Academy of NAST Russia we have long term contracts and steady connection with headquarters of the leaders of Russia industry and business: Gasprom, Rossneft, Alrosa, Sberbank, TNK-BP and many more. Since 1996 being a member of the steering committee of the International forum "Safety & Security Technologies" we have access to all modern security solutions elaborated and tested by the best Russian security industry companies. Here it is unnecessary to mention our political connection and achievements. Also we use our corporative NAST organizations in Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Moldavia and Slovakia. All our real international network (Europe and The US) is based on professional cooperation for more than 15 years. So, we have a lot of possibilities to communicate and interact with reliable partners and friends. Let's use this opportunity to make your own business, using this site as a unique instrument. Exploring its pages find out what exactly are you interested in. Any ideas, projects or proposals are welcomed. It is obvious matter : if it does not happen at once it doesn't mean that it will not happen soon...

Opinion of the President of Russia on the NAST Vnukovo tragedy 22.10.2014 Tragic negligence or exponential penalty? On the heels Vnukovo tragedy, we turned to our partners IAC NAST Russia who organized a telephone conversation with President of Russia Dmitry NAST Fonareva. Fragments of a conversation with his consent we offer. Qsec. How Vnukovskaya tragedy is paradoxical? DNF. From the point of view of "technogenic" similar accident at the airfield are not frequent, but are not something out of the ordinary.Look at the statistics. But from the point of view of the importance of the geopolitical consequences - this tragedy fits into the events of the fall of the Polish side №1 near Smolensk in 2010, the explosion of the board with Pakistani Prime Minister Zia ul Haq in 1988 and another little accident referred to the Polish Prime Minister Government izgananii Władysław Sikorski in 1942 near Gibraltar. That is, if we exclude the "political economy" the importance of the passenger, then a collision, even with minimal probability values predicted in principle, but if you look at the situation more, then, paradoxically vyglyadeit planned execution ... Qsec. Do you mean that the situation in Vnukovo could be planned? DNF. I have no right to exclude this until I get answers to my questions personally. There are not many, but the answer to the main must be obtained from several sources with the maximum degree of certainty. Now I am inclined to think that it was a public execution. Qsec. But how is this possible? DNF. Possible. Similarly as with the other examples described above. This topic bezulikovyh kills. Any achievements of human thought instantly converted into attacking technology. This area is very specific and is inaccessible to the media and proichih outside observers, except for customers with very, very big purses. Qsec. But can you at least a schematic sketch this scenario? DNF. But what's the secret? You only need to ask questions. And as soon as you do not find an answer to one of them - then there is need to move in this direction. The first - is the official version, based on textural material. And she has been happy with everyone. As they say - the investigation is over - forget it. Ask yourself the question - is it possible to program the man on his own uncontrolled actions? If not - see the official version, and believe that it was "criminal negligence" or whatever it is in the sentence. "If still yes", then you need not bother to detail how it's done - it's psycho. This was written in the Internet is full. We can only add up to the desired known. How does the whole scheme. But someone from this will be easier? The script is simple, as the first Soviet tractor. This scheme trevialnaya contract killing, but not technology tools in the arsenal of fighters movie, and of the offices and laboratories for the study of the so-called psychic sphere. Victim put "on the hook" - that is, the same banal shadowing, but not like in the movies. And the prosecution has the feature - projected event-series that sozhdaet the victim. And it is only in these series is a place or a "weak" in terms of the security unit - used offensive technology. And the key points in Vnukovo are its flight congestion, the need for a charter departure board at a particular time, organizational features of work. Here you have a "coincidence." Organize a little. Time move or stop the car on the way an airplane taking off. Seems a fantasy? Just take a closer study related materials. Actually it has been done and should be interested in advanced, and not the "official" investigation. I'm not saying that it was so.And do not claim that a third party was involved in the incident. But I have confidence that it could be done., If such a task would have been delivered. There is a clear beneficiary of the consequences of the death (or penalty), a top French energy mendzherov. And the time is now about energy is very "hot". And too many similar analogies with planes lately. And not only with Malaysian Boeing. So if someone needs to dig deeper - drum in his hands ... Officially, the "end" you will never find for many reasons. Seekers of "all" in most cases can be successfully found only his end ... Qsec. Thank you. DNF. On health, in every sense ... Article from Chinese about our training in China with our partners Shadow Protection November 17 -22, chairman of the Greek shadow bodyguard company SCP counter-terrorism College Dimitris Siokis, global corporate strategy consultant and training team to visit the exchange company. Feng Dao chairman wide, Feng Jian, general manager of PICC than hearing chapter with visiting guests in-depth exchanges, the two sides reached a cooperation in human resources training, overseas business development and communication and so on. To better understand their foreign counterparts advanced security concepts and practical experience, identify gaps, the company invited the Greek shadow bodyguard company SCP counter-terrorism Institute for Business Development, security training, and other aspects of the work done efficacy objective assessment and made useful recommendations. Meanwhile, the company conducted business special security personnel guard close a five-day, rapid response, unarmed combat and other aspects of professional training. Greek shadow on terror College is world-renowned leader in VIP protection training services including security, risk prevention advice and a series of professional training, has extensive practical experience in the implementation of special operations in the field of legal and personal protection. Currently, the security risks of overseas-funded enterprises is increasing, there is a huge security operations overseas market demand. China Security enterprises "going out", is one of the
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