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Take advantage of the self-adjusting docks, workspace presets for specialized tasks.
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The Club was initially formed on April 2003 in Moscow to help provide a comfortable atmosphere for Foreigners living in Russia, where they can meet Russian Professionals in the field of Security and Business (for the purpose of discussing subjects of mutual interest). However, we do have contacts in numerous other countries and membership is available on a worldwide basis.

We hold meetings on the last Tuesday of every month at HotDog Zemlianoy Val 26 ( metro "Kurskaya" )(13.00-17.00) and you are welcome to visit us at any time between these hours. and If you are unable to make it to the meeting and have a question, you can email our President  (Frank Whip) at the following address or send your comments in the special box provided below.


 Code of Conduct

1.  To constantly uphold both personal and professional standards set forth by EPGS.
2.  Always abide by and reinforce the tenets of EPGS.
3.  Always use sound judgment in evaluating your (personal) skills and abilities. 
4.  Respect clients' privacy as if it were your own, and honor all contractual agreements.
5. Always follow standard operational procedures specified by EPGS and never make assumptions or underestimate potential threats.
6. Avoid or always maintain professionalism, when discussing items such as politics, religion, race, social statuses.
7.  Always uphold the law and abide by local traditions, customs and regulations when performing your duties and responsibilities worldwide.
8.  Support EPGS team efforts to the best of your ability. Follow collective interests over personal.

9.  Always and everywhere be devoted to basic human rights and peaceful principles. 

 Violation or oversight of these principles may result in the declaration of specified member(s) as "Persona non Grata."  A person so declared will be considered unsuitable for duty and relieved of their position.   All "Persona Grata" members will be required to avoid any and all contact with those designated "Persona non Grata."

.. During these discussions at the Feb. 2008 XIII International Forum Dima and I concluded that conformity in the area of personal security is essential. Due to both of our qualifications of work within the top protective security agencies in the world we want to underline the importance of developing a "Global Standard" among our fellow security colleagues. Our experiences bring some of the foremost expertise in protection of some of the most powerful people in the world to include numerous world leaders and high profile individuals. Each of our former agencies provided not only the best protection available, but was able to do so consistently from one continent to another without much deviation from standard protocols. In order to achieve a standard on par with the agencies we were associated with it becomes essential that global development and universality of a specific level be implement to begin this task of cooperation among us professionals. If we are to reach a level of professionalism that lends itself to trust and understanding of our peers we must first start with consistence and uniformity among our training and hiring standards."

Chadwick Shepherd, USSS (Ret.)


Frank President of Greyshadows is a sharp and proficient business man. He appears to have acquired countless international business contacts and has personally introduced me to several colleagues of his in Eastern Europe. These introductions have proven to be very beneficial. He has proven himself diligent and dependable on all matters of business and friendship. He is professional, to the point and can certainly make you feel at ease with his Scottish hospitality.”

Chadwick Shepherd, Owner, Celeres Group

 5th Birthday Party in HotDogs on Saturday 21st June

 A great day was had by all

Special thanks to our sponsors

Northstar Corporate Finance

BSN -Real

Driving Art school

oleg.panarin our photographer for the day

a selection of photos can be viewed on the photo gallery 

Dear colleagues, clients and friends

to be sure how limo service works in Russia we have to accept their following rules :

Limo service is different from the common taxi.

Limo car must be booked three-four days in advance to be certain.

So, preferably they need full working hours to plan their business. It is not a secret that they use the same car for another job even is it booked by one client if they have even two free hours...

So their basic conditions for the majority of Moscow companies are :

Limo delivery - 1 extra hour.

Minimum booking time - 6 hours. (including extra hour) Transfer to any airport - 4 hours. (including extra hour) In SPb this is 3 hours ( Pulkovo airport).

Note, if you book car not for transfer, but drive to airport they add extra hour to existed hours.

If there is a trip outside Moscow (across the ring road) - there is per mile payment.

At the end of the job overtime starts after 15 minutes.

It means that if we book a limo we have to pay at least for 4 hours if there is transfer and 6 hours if there is a city trip. Practically we can't refuse to use limo if this car was prebooked. For them it means a loss of income. That is the primary difference from taxi service.

From the beginning of this year for our primary partner to get payment by credit card is not suitable due to financial control regulations. For the future we have to add 15% if we will pay by credit card.

We also have a possibility to book armored BMW (new or old body ) B7.

Prices depends on visit conditions and personal dealing.

Basic taxi price in Moscow is Euro 25 per hour.

Sheremetjevo - Moscow transfer is from Euro 100 Domodedovo - Moscow transfer is from Euro 130 those prices depends on destination location.

Limo - Euro 60 per hour with driver

Volvo S80 - Euro 40-45 per hour with driver Mercedes Viano-Vito - Euro 50 per hour with driver Mercedes Sprinter minibus (17 seats) - Euro 50 with driver

Please note, for us it is not suitable to rent a car and do our job due to business particulars.

Practically there are not well spoken drivers in common car companies.



Every Gold cardholder is entitled to a wide spectrum free consultation (business/civilian, private) during club hours with National Bodyguard Association (NAST) of Russia officials.
Your company listed on our website -
Opportunity to promote your business through NAST's 27 regional offices and facilities of the International Forum and exhibition "Safety and Security Technologies"
Corporate Membership for firms and companies.
Risk Analysis.
Due Diligence and Investigation.
VIP Airport collection/transfer.
Professional Security Services in main Russia cities and CIS countries : Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia,Moldavia,Azerbaijan,Kazakhstan ).
Personnel Vetting Services.
Electronic Counter surveillance,hidden cameras included.
Security systems procurement Installation and maintenance.
Courier Service.
Professional Close/Personal/Executive Protection (GS worldwide network available).
The Director General of ITE Alexander Shtalenkov said: «MIPS conducted since 1995 and today is the largest specialized exhibition in Russia with the established reputation and tradition. This professional forum - an ideal platform for product promotion, market research, business development
  15-th Anniversary International Exhibition «Protection, Security and Fire Safety» / MIPS held 13 - 16 April «Expocenter» Krasnaya Presnya. The organizer of the exhibition is an international company ITE - the leader of exhibition business in Russia.
The official opening ceremony was attended by Director General of ITE Aleksandr Shtalenkov, zam.predsedatelya Committee of the Federation Council of Federal Assembly of Russian Federation for Defense and Security, Vladimir Melnikov, deputy chairman of the Duma Security Committee Gennady Gudkov, head of the Department of State to protect the assets of MIA of Russia, Lieutenant-General Vadim Savichev deputy. Chief of the coordination of the security of Moscow Vladimir Popov, the chairman of the safety of Moscow City Duma Inna Svyatenko, Adviser to the President of the Association of Russian Banks Oleg Kazakevich, Frank Whip President of Greyshadows International
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